Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Exploring Labrador City

I hiked a long way to get a shot of Labrador City and when I get to the peak after miles of bushwacking and crossing streams and feeling I was being tracked by a mountain lion and getting lost and hurting my back and falling in a ravine, I get to the top and the clouds move in and I get a picture of fog. And my camera got wet. Have not seen my shadow in five days. Since Quebec City.

This has to be for night skiing but I didn't see many lights. and the ski lift is totally falling apart. I think it is for rugged skiers.

This was a very tame Canadian Wolf. Hardly even moved.
I learned a lot about the iron ore mines and the hydro electric plants up here.

II seem to be having computer problems. Keyboard___is___broken. must use on-screen keyboard.
more pics

will box up and send this skidoo to the chicken farmer so he can post on craigslist "Vintage snowmobile. Needs work. Best Offer"

wait, the keyboard is working now. odd. must clean it. or might be the different frequency of electricity that is messing with it. I am one hour earlier than east coast folks. And they speak English now which is a relief because I'm out of money and need work.

I went for a long hike around the mountains to find that open country I had heard about.

I should mention the van is running good. time for a shower at city hall. I can feel my brain being cleaned by the wilderness.

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Anonymous said...

I think, "Does not Work!" says it all..... Or maybe getting him to work is painful.

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