Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vacuum Modulator

The search has been narrowed down to a vacuum valve on the back on my transmission known as a vacuum modulator. If might as well me called the Flux Capacitor for all I know about it. I will look into finding it around these parts and trading a red squirrel pelt for it but I'm not going to hold my breath. I had to go into the forest and find an old GMC truck abandoned to the elements to salvage some scrap vacuum hose in the hope that the hose was the problem but I think it is the modulator itself.

I am irked that I have a visa calling me back to the border destiny with my lovely border guard dream woman in New Brunswick. This time I will invite her to coffee. What is she gonna do? Throw me out again? Hahaha.

I am planning to spend time in Gros Morne and Cape Breton but that leaves no time to get there or delay my trip to interview an Innu woman who snowshoes from North west River to the Mealy Mountains to raise awareness for caribou and the plight of First Nation people. I'll be cutting it close to getting out on time at this rate if nothing else goes wrong.

I did hear a wolf today so maybe I'm getting closer. It was a bark bark then howwwwl echoing through the valley of the hippies as I picked up trash.

It is many many kilometers from here to Port Hope Simpson and any trace of copper of fiber optic communication lines so silence will be my only message to the wolf spirit to guide me on this trail of tribulation across the Mealy Mountains. I expect several days of travel.

Again, take a moment to honor the animal masters.

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