Thursday, August 25, 2011

Caution: sea sickness may be infectious

I'm not proud but I want to point out that while I was a merchant marine I was sick for two days at the beginning in high high seas swabbing decks and cleaning heads in the bowels of a big boat that reeked of diesel fuel but then was never sick again. I was not born into the sea but given time I will adjust. Going from mama's tit to Newfoundland coastal waves was something I wasn't prepared to do and so this went from bad to worse to totally dazed and too weak to walk. I fell onto the shore following our tack-fest. My knees were like jello. But I won't rule out the possibility of sailing to Ellesmere Island. It's a hard place to reach no matter what and sailing might be the most venturesome according to Wilfred Grenfell.
I think the camera is on its last legs with the audio skipping. ah well.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it is you skipping into the future and not a problem with the camera..... Just a thought. WeRo

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