Tuesday, August 16, 2011

L'Anse Au Clair

Nearing the end of the trail through Labrador. I am nearly out of funds and envision playing guitar on the streets of St. Anthony and Cape Breton for gas money. Peanuts and Mr. Noodle are combining for a dinner. Guitar scales all through the night as my eyeball slowly improves. There is no pain anymore when I look at the light clouds but I can not focus through the haze of bacteria. The flies have been villainous, hellish and hateful. Several attacks on my face have raised red welts and bleeding sores. I stumble into restaurants and the hostess recoils in horror at my disfigured allotment.
Rain is falling here for real. No travel today. L'Anse Au Cotard means is built on a field of clover, and is uninhabited as the stone houses crumbled before the elements. Barnacles and groundhogs dominate the landscape and my feeling is that Steve Jobs ought not disturb or molest any groundhog habitat in his path of destruction seeking rare earth metals. NOT ONE GROUNDHOG SHOULD BE BOTHERED or MISTREATED. That's where I draw the line. And the wolffish is also endangered but seeing one of those involves going onto the ocean. Why is our digital interconnectivity more important than the wolffish? Answer me that? Why should a groundhog be molested without justification?
Please ponder this for the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Are they really Groundhogs or are they Gophers? Maybe they are woodchucks? Or apparently they are all the same thing, gorundhogs and woodchucks that is, Marmota monax. the largest of the marmots. But not the largest of the rodents, capybaras fit that bill. My favorite rodent of all time. Other than the guinnea pig which are so deliscious roasted on a stick. My guinnea pig froze to death one winter when we were on a ski weekend and the furnace went out in the house. Autumn was his name. not because he was born in the autumn but because he was kind of a fall floiage brown. or at least one portion of his body was that color. He was a straight haired guinnea pig not one of those kooky curly haired ones.

ken said...

How about a post pal,

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