Saturday, August 6, 2011

Upside Down Iceberg

right side up or left side down?
This guy was crew on the Alca i.
Gordon Slade presenting his church service to raise the soul of guests and residents alike.

I said, "The bergy bit, he turn upside down."
And Nelson said, "How you know it weren't upside down to begin with?"

Really he said "Howdoyouknowitweren'tupsidedowntobeginwith?" because Coastal fishermen speak in one word sentences. But I'm learning to understand.

Anyway, this is typical folk wisdom hitting you in the face. See, one evening there was a huge iceberg in the harbour with spires and all shiny. Next morning it was a hump. I said it had turned upside down." But what is upside down to an iceberg? then the next day it turned upside down again. My point is that this is a metaphor for our ethnocentric way of thinking. What is upside down? In some cases it is merely our dogmatic perspective and not reality. The iceberg has no right side.

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