Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I'm sitting there making a leather string guard for the inside of my guitar bag (using the leather of my now defunct boots*) because the string ends keep snagging and tearing the Chinese-made nylon, and this red wolf walks right in front of my van where it is parked way out near Roddickton, near a place where Sir Grenfell had started a vegetable garden to supplement the hospital food (he did everything!). And I fumble with the camera so bad that these are the best pictures I got of it. The lighting was horrible and if I used the flash it made everything too dark because the animal was too far away and if I didn't use the flash then the shutter speed was too slow and it was blurry. If it had been an arctic wolf I'd be so happy.
Roddickton calls itself the Moose Capital of the World and I only saw the remains of a moose way back in the woods.

*I want to say that when I learned $12 million a day is being wasted in Iraq while I reuse the leather from my shoes and recycle cans other people throw on the street and wear 30 year old pants and drive a 42 year old van I feel I have zero (0) obligation to the United States government anymore. We aren't on the same page. Obama, please lose my number.

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