Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Devil in the Details

I was real proud of these ceramic novelty drawer knobs that I installed on the inside sliding screen window of the van. Then I remembered that I can't swallow my pride and I have no friends who will appreciate the cactus and the lone wolf.
In other news my window renewal project is fixing to be a disaster because I bought the last roll of butyl tape in Kingston and now I think there will be nothing easy about getting this to keep water out for the first time in 42 years. This leaked every storm and is partly responsible for the black mold on my wedding shirt. But as I took it apart I found multiple layers of tape. Was that a mistake or is that the only way to make it work? I suspect it will not be waterproof. Like I said, "Either it will get better or worse." And that's an improvement because at this point I'm tired of fighting the same war.

At least the transmission band has lasted 50 miles. I'm ready to go to Guatemala for the winter. Who's coming!

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