Friday, October 14, 2011


I am sleeping in my helplessness hammock today. So I will take the lazy man's way out like the director of The King's Speech and include a German composer's piece of music to accompany an English king's speech announcing war against Germany. In Hollywood they say that if you can buy the rights to 5 good songs then you can fire the screenwriter. This isn't the best interpretation I've heard but it's a damn good film clip. They probably had to hide the ashtrays. Today, this orchestra would be half female.

Notes from the job front:
"We need a dishwasher that can turn into a salad position for the right person."

"In a commoditized broker/dealer world, we believe we offer a uniquely flexible and supportive structure that provides advisors, and their clients, the opportunity to optimize their success."

"A mid-sized commercial cleaning company is seeking a motivated, hard working, and BIG PICTURE proffesional." (Yes, they spelled professional wrong)

"Looking for a qualified activity professional to provide recreational programs on our dementia unit"

"I am looking for females who have a collection of heels, boots, and spikes who is looking to make additional money modeling their feet with their collection of shoes for photos."

"This guy will not pay you, he will tell you he needs to wait to get paid from another job before he can pay you when you should be paid on the job you have done...not one he is waiting to secure. HE IS A DEADBEAT!"


Anonymous said...

is that a microphone, or are you plugged in? sound is awesome, I like the idea, wordpress is killing me with what files will work and won't, some I have never even heard of.............holla

Oggy Bleacher said...

It's a natural reverb chamber in the staircase with me and my crappy Kodak camera. We live in a commoditized broker/dealer world so what can you expect from wordpress? We'll all end up in the dementia unit hitting balloons with fly swatters next to high heel models so who cares?

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