Saturday, October 15, 2011

Save The Fetus... Starve The Baby

I think I found the source of my next song.
Craigslist Political Forum
Take Rush Limbaugh and John Stewart and remove their ability to spell or be funny or make a clear argument and you get the bulk of America.
Here's a classic exchange:

"We are marching for jobs today..."
"Wear comfortable shoes."

"Dem slogan:Inconvenient? Just kill it! § < RevoltToday > 10/15 09:15:51 "

"J. Trigger is a lying, duplicitous cunt. < JohnBlutarski > 10/15 09:01:00

That is all.

Peace out."

"The left wants to bitch about the rich < 7minuteabs > 10/15 09:15:06

sitting on the sidelines with their money.

Why not bitch about the PEOPLE sitting on the sidelines getting handouts"

"Its true Obama is a [WallStreet] puppet § < RevoltToday > 10/15 09:12:37"

I think the revolution will take a form that no one can predict. It will not satisfy anyone including the protesters. I say again that you can not fix a poisoned well. Better to dig a better well far far away. Or at least don't drink from the well.

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