Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chicken Out Of Hell

The chickens ran for cover when they saw me hauling along. The timing was off by about 25 degrees but the dwell was ok and it's a statement about how well these vans were designed that they can still run at all with the timing off. I know I can't get worse gas mileage than I am right now so maybe this will improve things on that front so we don't have to go to war with Canada for their tar sands.

Any day I learn something about my van is a good day and today I sanded off the rust covering the timing marks on the flywheel and realized what I was looking at. The Sears timing light kit I won on Ebay paid off because it allowed me to check the dwell and the tach and the points and the timing and also included a push button starter. It was the one thing I couldn't do to my van because the tools are obsolete and only antique dealers carry them. Now my back feels like an antique.

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