Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Paying Back

It's self imposed community service for the years of taking and taking. I do only have my conscience to clear and my emotional checkbook to balance and then I will reassess my direction. If that means playing old man river for the terminal patients at the clipper home then that's how it will go down. Our bodies will decay and mine has betrayed me more than once already and soon the tires will not fit the rims and then it will be a chaotic chase that has no equivalent in mechanics. We wear out bodies out in some race to the invisible finish line and maybe mankind is better off for our efforts and maybe not. This Woman, Elizabeth, born in 1931 New Orleans and lived in St. Louis around 1939. 80 Years old. Every tenth step is a painful one. Take a good look you frivilous time wasters and take for granted your knees and back. Take a long hard look.

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