Monday, January 2, 2012


It's really upsetting when my blog comments end up looking like the CNN blog comments. I'm depressed enough thinking about the status quo of the world but when my blog becomes a mirror of the status quo except on an even smaller and meaningless scale, then it's grotesque to me; disgusting; an abomination. This is the place where we're witty and funny but we know that it's all performance art. Don't drag me into an argument that is totally meaningless and fruitless. The holidays are over.

Less than a minute ago
Tell me I didn't just make you laugh.
Less than a minute ago
1:00 PM DrG0nzo71 services Jon Kest in an alley. Refreshments to follow.
1 minute ago
"I think it would be awesome if you could get Morgan Freeman's voice on a GPS. It would be like he's narrating your travels."
1 minute ago
Unfortunately, DrG0nzo71, you're a moron. It doesn't matter what we write, you don't understand it because you're a moron. You're smug and you're misinformed and you're wrong and you're dangerous, because you're a moron. As a schizoid loner, you don't have real insight because you're a moron. OWS needs a martyr. You'll do nicely.
3 minutes ago
Pek: Hangover cure: Drink plenty of water (as much as you can stomach), eat some bananas for glucose, starch, and electrolytes, wait 30 minutes to an hour, then go for a run and sweat it out. Trust me, it works wonders.
4 minutes ago
JohnG: As much as I wish the same, what's the alternative? Obama just betrayed the American people and the guiding principles of our republic by signing the National Defense Authorization Act.
5 minutes ago
I hope your Human Centipede meets in a circle.
6 minutes ago
Still can't formulate a logical argument? Seriously, go write it on the men's room wall. More people will read it, and your audience will be more receptive.
7 minutes ago
I hope 2012 will be a very bad year for the 1% and their cronies - the conservatives and republicans.

7 minutes ago
Perhaps I've been worng in suggesting that anti-OWS is employed by the tea party or fox news.  I would assume that, in their own twisted, delusional way, these guys really do believe they're acting in the best interest of America. But when lilsquirrel comes on and makes a comment that is completely indefensible and so contrary to American legal and ethical principles, then I feel led to believe that he/she represents the interests of an enemy of the state.
8 minutes ago
You are some of the stupidest, most incompetent mfs to ever pretend a role in politics.
10 minutes ago
8:00 AM dispensing of the weed
8:30 AM hand jobs
9:00 AM preliminary bongo studies
9:30 AM debate between anarchists and socialists
10:00 AM pouting
10:30 AM second dispending of the weed
11:00 AM stupid altercation with a cop
11:30 AM arrests
12:00 AM lunch time
10 minutes ago
Re-read the constitution, lilsquirrel. Perhaps you don't have a copy on hand because you're 50 cent army. Go back to studying your Little Red Book, lilsquirrel.
12 minutes ago
At least I'm doing it free of charge because it's what I believe in. Look at me, and unpaid volunteer going up against paid professionals. And not one of them can make a logical argument in their defense!
13 minutes ago
(DrG0nzo71 said:
Obama's treasonous signing of the National Defense Authorization Act)

sorry, what s treasonous about defense. And how does this violate those ammendment or the declaration of human rights. What you say sound like chinese propaganda to me.

It wasn t signed quietly at all ! There was broad coverage. Now I hope you re not one of those tea party madmen who just want to close the government no matter how ... so that big corporations take over. I m sure the chinese would like that, as would Putin. Autocrats are of one mind.

(RandMPS said:
Generation gimmie gimmie gimme, all grown up. )
sorry to break your buble. profits are rising. cost decreasing. monetary consolidation increasing. Last time it was seen to that extent was the medieval era. A 1000 years mess. Is that what you wish for. They had no idea back then what they were missing on and how pitifull those castles were. 1000 years running in circles and hurting peoples

Capitalism is about free trade. The most critical trade good is money. Pile it all on a few greedy hands and the world stop turning. Simple economic fact.

The OWS peoples don t know what the solution is, but they have a point. they do want education, jobs and the ability to contribute. they are not asking for roman era free bread and bloody games. they are asking for the right to work

The world has become complex and is spinning out of control. The information age has made possible to replicate data and share information faster than before. It also bring up the need for new law regarding publishing because there is no longer a cost to manufacture digital goods, making it senseless to give 90% to the publisher since they take no risk (each download imply a sale).

billybobxyz ,
communism is a myth. there never was a communist nation on earth. all those who pretended to be were autocracies. wake up and read up.
14 minutes ago
You can't be any brighter, but you can be quiet.
14 minutes ago
Tentative Schedule for Day of Action:(December 3rd)

7:30AM (All Day) - OWS solidarity with the New York State Nurses Association Strike at St. Lukes (1111 Amsterdam Ave and 112th Street) and Roosevelt Hospital (1000 10th Ave and 59th Street.)
12PM - Press Conference at NYPL (Bryant Park)
2PM - Office Demonstration at Senator...
Read more …
14 minutes ago
Precious needs to take his meds. OWS has him in a whirlpool of emotion.
15 minutes ago
Good for you pek. So you read a book.
16 minutes ago
Go adbusters! Go George Soros! Now there's a hero the 1% should look up too. If only every American entrepreneur has the strength of character and ethical fortitude of George Soros, then then perhaps the 1% would actually be benefactors of society, rather than the squealing, welfare-and-bailout collecting crybabies they are today.
17 minutes ago
Here's a book for you, DrG: "Economics in One Lesson" by Henry Hazlitt. Most of the delusions that OWS shares can be removed with a simple reading.
18 minutes ago
Tentative Schedule for Day of Action: JANUARY 3rd.
Go to work.
Watch the few train wrecks of humans (OWS)
Laugh about OWS.
Go to bed glad Im not one of the 99% of idiots, also known as OWS.
19 minutes ago
Angry? Confused? Leaning over that bridge?
19 minutes ago
January 3rd will be a spontaneous show of people power in reaction to Obama's treasonous signing of the National Defense Authorization Act. Not only does this act violate our first, third, fourth, fifth and sixth amendments, as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, but this Act was signed quietly this past New Years Eve violating what...
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19 minutes ago
Tentative Schedule for Day of Action:

7:30AM (All Day) – OWS solidarity with the New York State Nurses Association Strike at St. Lukes (1111 Amsterdam Ave and 112th Street) and Roosevelt Hospital (1000 10th Ave and 59th Street.)
12PM – Press Conference at NYPL (Bryant Park)
2PM – Office Demonstration at Senator Gillibrand’s office (780 3rd Ave.)
3PM – Office Demonstration at Senator Schumer’s office (757 3rd Ave.)
4PM – Rally at Rockefeller Plaza
5PM – Flash check about NDAA in Grand Central for commuters.
After, we plan to march up 5th ave to do a demo tour of 1 percent homes.


Anonymous said...

Just moderate the silly things or just delete them immediately.

You can't engage with these people.

Oggy Bleacher said...

But it works so well for DrGOnzo71. HE REALLY CHANGES PEOPLE'S MINDS!

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