Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mont Groulx

This editing is taking so long that I'm questioning my sanity. See, ordinarily, longer is better, but when dealing with computers then longer only means slower and probably not better. My computer is so old and all the footage must be on an external drive for backup and that slows the computer down even more and editing digital footage takes forever. IT's taking so long that I've taken up macrame belt making to occupy my time while footage renders into clips and my edited shorts render into wmv. But handmade belts do mean a nicer belt while digital movies that take a long time don't mean they will be better movies. I've seen the footage and it's unusual but limited. I hope to finish my hemp and bead belt before I finish the wolf quest video. Part of my new year's resolution was to attack projects like a normal person and not bang my head against a 256mb RAM wall. But I can't justify buying a new computer when the wolf documentary tries to highlight the insanity. So I bought a used camcorder (Turns out it's an $800 camcorder that I paid $50 for. It took the picture below and even has a flash and transferred the footage to my slow computer) and will look for a newer computer at a price my budget can afford. But I also want a bass guitar...and that music software isn't cheap either. That's like $2000 right there and I haven't done a thing with it. Does anyone want to buy a hemp/bead macrame belt for $2000?

The song is by Harry Chapin. On The Road to Kingdom Come. Used without permission. Do What You Do.

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