Monday, February 6, 2012

Communist Slaves Bust U.S. Unions

If someone could please explain how a communist "Workers Unite" nation like China can successfully break the U.S. unions by enslaving their own labor force while the Capitalist nation of America can have Basketball unions who delay the start of the season because they don't get millions more per game...then I'd appreciate it because it makes no sense to me. Is Detroit more Marxist than Hong Kong?

The whole point of a worker's nation that recognizes the work force is not a resource to be disposed of but rather the population that enables the ruling class time and money to coordinate better living conditions. But no, "If you don't like it, Leave." is, admittedly, better terms than the African slave had when he arrived in New Orleans but it's not what I would expect from a country who claims to have adopted the principles of communism.
My theory is that it's part of the long term strategy to weaken the American economy using a generation of subsistence workers to assemble iPods and camcorders and cheap Old Navy T-shirts so Walmart will be forced to accept the drastic changes that are on the horizon. Why else would a country that has a total monopoly on electronic assembly not charge consumers up the ass to pay for excellent working conditions?

Let's briefly examine the principles of Foxconn slave masters who are the Chinese Communist Party....
II. Four basic demands for the building of the Party
First, uphold the Party's basic line;
Second, adhere to the principle of emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts; (Hahahah fucking ha)
Third, persist in serving the people wholeheartedly; and (>>>>?????<<<<)
Fourth, uphold democratic centralism.

This is closely linked to the Chinese Communist Party even if you wouldn't know it by listening to Madonna on your iPod.

"Marxism–Leninism is a communist ideology, officially based upon the theories of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, that promotes the development and creation of an international communist society through the leadership of a vanguard party over a revolutionary socialist state that represents a dictatorship of the proletariat."

I've tried on many occasions to read Marx's Communist Manifesto but the language is not entertaining enough to hold my attention. It was required reading for Food Not Bombs volunteers but I couldn't get past part 1. Now I prefer to get my communism directly from Apple computers like everyone else.

But seriously, "dictatorship of the proletariat" is not the first thing that comes to mind when I see lines of people wearing electrostatic discharge leashes on their wrists silently inspecting pcb boards so kids in America and Paris can buy iPods with a credit card that represents the failed accounts of a bank that fraudulently foreclosed on houses as part of an international land grab scam orchestrated by fresh faced Ayn Rand economists from Brown University as part of their master plan to populate New Hampshire with Ron Paul libertarian voters to make sure the guy wins the primary. No, I'd call that a fucked up situation. Steve Jobs called that the perfect status quo and he made sure nothing changed for two decades...what a loyal comrade! Thank him for funding the Chinese military machine and suffocating freedom. We'll forget the hipsters who funded China's military just like we forgot Nazi cash flow being stolen from Poles and gypsies and stuffed in Rockefeller and Bush wallets. Get drunk!

I haven't pissed up the Apple tree in a while so let me say that I haven't forgotten their fucked values. The hypocrisy of American security guards kicking me out of parking lots (because I threaten their way of life) while listening to their communist slave products as provided by Kim Jong il, Stalin, Castro, Mao Zedong, and Steve Jobs is pretty funny. It's so funny I forgot to laugh as the police escorted me off the property. Let me translate this so you can understand: Every Apple product represents the fundamental values that killed 60 million people in 1940-1945 and then encased 1/4 of the planet behind a red iron curtain and subsequently bankrupted Russia, trained and armed Osama Bin Laden, enabled American cold war industrial machinists to fabricate an economy based on hate, deception and obsolescence while exterminating any resistance to pseudo-capitalism in Chile, Guatemala, Argentina and Nicaragua.... all so we can afford electronics manufactured with rare earth metals from war torn countries in climate ravaged Africa and assembled by pseudo-communist slaves in resource depleted Asia and purchased by kids in America where the media is controlled by an Australian who sugar coats every fact with weight loss programming and beauty secrets of celebrities and lost kitten stories. But yeah I'm the asshole for living in my van while hipsters communicate on iPhone. It's like an abolitionist dressing in slave picked cotton.

I think my resentments for Native American holocaust and slavery isn't from the historical fates of the shackled slaves and small pox infected Kickapoo but from the repetition of the conditions and sentences on people today. Because a nation born from slavery will continue to enslave. Born of the sword; live by the sword; die by the sword. Nothing changes if nothing changes...but Rupert Murdoch comes along who is much better at hiding the stagnancy of the cultural climate...or of manufacturing false change or representing change that never occurred. Once you learn how deep the lies go then you can't trust anyone without investigating them first. And when you investigate them and see it as part of the lie then your distrust deepens...on and on in a spiraling descent down the hillside of wolf fantasy. iPhones provided by Marxist wage slaves...that decimate water qualities around the world. It's science fiction dystopian stuff that sounds so insane that it's better to watch your weight-loss programs and hog hunters and whine at the news and wash your ass with coconut scented soap than to do anything...because to do it properly would mean evicting your landlord and claiming your land and defending your neighborhood with the help of armed neighbors...collective farming and turning iPhones into weathervanes to predict the direction of the mercury laden dust storms that are in our future.

I think the best example of the status of the world is that when you tell the truth: iPhones are assembled by a false proletariat slave state founded by Lenin, strengthened by Stalin and supported behind the back by Reagan and Steve sounds so insane that you can accurately be accused of being an insane conspiracy theorist. When the truth becomes insane then the propagandist magicians like Rupert Murdoch and Joseph Goebbels* have won, but ultimately it comes down to the New York businessman in 1850 who decides for or against using Mississippi cotton for his trousers...and to the San Francisco hipster who supports or decries the use of Stalinist wage slaves to assemble his phone. So, it's not entirely Steve Jobs's fault or Rupert Murdoch's doing. They are merely puppeteers with their hands up your ass and you can either say, "get your hand out of my ass." or you can smile and pretend it's a prostate exam. Americans...we good at self deception give more music boxes and low cost jock straps.

*"It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

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