Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snub nosed Monkey

I want my estate to be donated to PBS because they produced a nature documentary about the Himalayan mountains that included several animals I want to share with you. The snub nosed monkey is a creature after our own hearts. The documentary was highlighting the effects of climate change but it's hard to be effective when such a thing happens so slowly and Fox News fills the airways with cats caught in trees and car accidents in Iowa. The snub nosed monkey has many perils, the least of which is climate change. It's one of the creatures I would use as an example that iPods and colon cleanse treatments are totally unrelated to contentment and survival. Like fashion, humans have invented pestilence (out of date jeans) and then invented the cure (slave-made skinny jeans)...all at the cost of Snub Nosed Monkey habitat. The monkey, on the other hand, lets his balls hang out and eats shrubs. We so clever we race Russians to reach orbit and celebrate as monkeys are eaten alive. Monkey eats moss, swings in trees, placidly surviving the centuries without warfare or polio as we train yaks to eat our garbage. So clever!

Speaking of yaks, there is also something called a Takin that lives in Tibet area. Its golden fleece is a real prize for oil baron rugs in opulent Yemen mansions...because we're so clever and smart.

The last animal is the banded goose
This is the highest flying bird in the world. Only the clever and smart homo Sapien flies higher with his aluminum tubes. The bird flies from one side of the Himalayas to the other for climate reasons and favorable breeding ground. Mankind flies because we want to deliver tainted baby food and drop bombs on other countries. So clever! How does the bar headed goose survive without iPods and airplanes?

Thank you PBS


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Yeah, it's funny when taking heads in fake shows open their yap about the arctic wolf that I bled and suffered to find in the wilderness of Labrador, fleeing rabid dogs and caribou and mosquitoes and living with ice bergs and throwing up into the Labrador sea. Real funny stuff I want to punch Dwight in the face.

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