Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stoned Local Man Declares Talking Heads "Best Group Ever"

After local man Darf Stueben smoked a huge joint and then listened to side A of the Talking Heads album "Speaking in Tongues" he immediately announced the genius of The Talking Heads and soon pronounced the band was "The Best Group Ever"
Side A of Speaking in Tongues by The Talking Heads
"Are you hearing what I'm hearing?"
"If you get ripped on some super sonic chronic from California," said Darf, "and play this album then you will agree [The Talking Heads] are unsurpassed in originality and talent. All you have to do is listen!"
Mr. Stueben then packed a water bong full of a variety of cannabis identified as "Purple Party Dream" and smoked some more.
"It's for my seasonal affective disorder," explained Darf. "It helps my neck pain too," he added.
 Mr. Stueben pointed out that enjoying the album is preferable to playing a CD or other digital media.
" Only vinyl captures the mood and attack of this music. And it forces you to listen to the music in the order it was intended to be listened to which is the exact order that it should be listened to and the order that the band chose for full effect, or whatever."

Darf, moments before being overcome by a fit of coughing
Mr. Stueben paused for a full five minutes, entranced by the sound vibrating from his vintage 1975 Magnavox turntable console. At times he appeared to stop breathing. Then he asked, "Is someone's phone ringing?"

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