Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tidal Bore

Like my life, the forces of the universe sometimes allow me to flow into the polluted ocean of my destiny and other times the surging tide forces me backwards over the same clay river bed that I've camped beside countless times before. I only see the missed opportunities of the tidal bore expert who came down to watch the reversing of the tide and I was too timid to ask him if he wanted to be interviewed. I didn't want to exploit his expertise but my own explanation is a boring translation of what he was so enthusiastic about. It was his whole existence to monitor the tidal bore's many variations exclaiming how sink holes formed and whether this bore was stronger or weaker. They were the characteristics he admired and appreciated and I didn't film it because I wanted to maintain boundaries. But you can't make a documentary if you maintain boundaries. Or maybe I saw he was so enthusiastic and I didn't want to ruin the moment by pulling out a camera and asking if he wanted to be famous. People change when they get in front of the camera and I enjoyed his authentic enthusiasm too much to exploit it. It's material for an essay but not film. If you want to meet him then go to the Joggins tidal bore and wait for him. Maybe that's the lesson. Part of my journey is generic enough to share and part of it is too personal and part of it can only be experienced in person. It's up to me as editor to sift through it all and show you enough to churn the riverbed of your mind, flowing backwards and forwards until the source is revealed.

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