Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Opinions That Don't Apply To You

This video really doesn't have anything to do with you because you are special and nothing you do impacts or affects the world at all. You go through your life in a bubble of denial and that bubble protects every one else from anything that you do. You are special because the self-absorption skills you have developed over the years have actually succeeded in insulating all of your actions from the laws of physics. So, this video is pure entertainment to watch while your Fox channel plays some commercials. Hahaha. It's funny to watch the people talk about peak oil because it has nothing at all to do with you since you live on a precious mountaintop that philosophically protects everything around you. You ride to work on a unicorn and Tree Gnomes wash your ass with dragon tears. The plight of other men is not your concern so it doesn't matter if you watch this or not. Go back to sleep and dream of flying whales in their plaid skirts doing somersaults in the sea. This is all an April Fools Joke. haahaha. Got ya! Oil never runs out like your laundry detergent.

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