Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nothing Changes

I can't make this comparison any more clear. Yes, most people will claim the Goldman Sachs building on the left "is important". But don't you think the Pharaoh's said the same thing about their pyramid? It's partly frustration at living in a digital age that is perplexing and reliant on the dead bodies of plants and microorganisms, beautiful parks that became coal and oil that we burn to propel our sagging bodies around on mini quests for ice cream and wolves. And part of this world is hedge fund and multinational bulge bracket investment banking and all those other "important" institutions that grain farmers and Inuits build with their carved bricks. But the snake oil salesmen have gotten smarter. Now they don't sell you snake oil. They take your money and promise you snake oil profits at some later date. And then they promise someone else that snake oil sales will plummet so they hedge their investments and take a commission on either a loss or a gain. The snake oil salesman doesn't care either way.

I don't believe in debt because it's not a valid economic strategy. The Pharaohs didn't believe in debt either so they enslaved the Jews to build their giant tombs. But that's lazy. The trick is to get the slaves to want to work for you. If they had been smart they would've paid the Jews in sub-prime snake oil stock. That statement makes no sense but neither does bulge bracket banking. Then again, I'm slow and ride a 1974 Vespa Ciao moped so I'm probably not the right person to take financial advice from.

Conclusion: Goldman Sachs have built not a monument to wealth but a monument to debt. Keep laying those bricks!
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