Monday, June 4, 2012

Banner Yet Wave

I was saving this for July 4th but I'm feeling patriotic.

Joplin, Missouri. May 2012. That's not a parking garage, that's a hospital gutted by a tornado.

Joplin, Missouri on the mend. Kid texting on her back. Old Glory flying proud. The Tornado caused massive damage. The hospital was in the background was obliterated but this memorial park will one day be the only evidence it happened. Of course there was absolutely no day labor for me!!

Can you spot the Grackle*? These gregarious birds stop at nothing for food. It tried to get in the escape hatch. It's like a slim chicken.

*I'm not 100% sure that's a grackle. It's either a female boat-tailed grackle or something totally different. Male grackles are black and easy to spot. But this one hangs out with grackles. A Grackle ally.


Anonymous said...

Have you considered pre posting on Craiglist that you will be someplace at some given time and would fix a scooter, paint a fence, mend a pair of trousers? Maybe you aren't actually cut out for "day labor" in the classic sense.
For instance if I needed to make a Buck I would hunt out a painter that needed me to do prep work, scraping filling holes, sanding cause no one wants to do prep work but good prep work makes the finished product what it is. Any painter worth their salt knows that and would appreciate someone coming to do the grunt work and let them take the glory.
You make your own choices but find a niche that you fit into, or find a thing that everyone needs.
Like maybe join hemorhoid studies everywhere you go.

Oggy Bleacher said...

I have serious philosophical problems with the status quo. We can debate all day long about the trouble this causes me and how I am self destructive but I don't think that will change anything. I truly don't believe that money is a substitute for trust and that's the whole premise of society today. It's fucked up and will ultimately lead to disaster or Ultimately, money will be abolished. Banks, conglomerates, billionaires are controlling the world as they destroy it! I can't willingly participate in a flawed system but there is no escape from the flawed system so I'm the one who is fucked and the flawed system that works for 1% of humanity is not affected.

The only course of action is to flee to the jungle and live as a savage until the jungle is burned to make room for cattle.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend you will tattoo your ass. He lives in Austin. You might have met him when I lived on 4th ave. He works at.....Southside Tattoo. Look him up. He is a good guy. Rozi

ide.of.van.70 said...

That is an AWESOME picture looking out your escape hatch......Say brother...that bird thar looks like a female Boat Tailed Grackle....I've only seen them in Texas, and surrounding states.. Grackles can be nasty...even though they feed mostly on bugs, bird eggs, spiders, corn, they will also attack, kill and eat the House Sparrows.

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