Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hot Hot Hot

Really, latitude doesn't matter anymore. Altitude is the only hope. Orgonite Help us!

How can anyone look at this and think the temperatures aren't out of control? The problem is that fucks like the Koch family and Inhofe and the Heartland Institute cunts and the other people with their heads up their asses like Bush who said, "The science isn't settled" with such slimy betrayal...the problem is that THEY AREN'T RISKING ANYTHING (other than the future they will tentatively control with national guard brutality) We hit 108 degrees here today, a record high. La Paz, Mexico was a mere 97.

See, what if they are wrong about "We must have the courage to do nothing"  (which is really a stupid statement since we're obviously burning coal and natural gas and farting Burger King waffles out our ass)?? what if doing nothing leads to a total environmental meltdown? You can't casually yell there is a fire in a cinema when there isn't a fire....but you better not casually tell everyone to remain calm when there is a fire. 
Both of those acts are criminal and deserve punishment. And in this case there should be no mercy for anyone on record saying global warming is a hoax.
Can I get a "Hell, Yeah!"

 100 degrees from Brownsville to Butte? I'm telling you right now that the heat in Austin is compounded by the pavement and the leaking exhaust and the unrelenting engine failure of my benevolent van. I rode my moped around buying wage slave uniforms for the job interview I have in Hell tomorrow and I swear the tops of my feet got burned by the savage rays of the sun. No way is this heat normal. It's really a matter of ignorance. People in NH pop their beers and click away from 30 second coverage of tornadoes in Missouri. California Hippies don't even watch the news when it covers the hurricane in Louisiana or the oil spill. Okies in Muskogee blame pulverizing storms in October on fags living in Newington. We never leave our tiny caves so we never see anything other than Fox News bits. Yeah, things are really working well. Critical Thinking has been replaced by "TEXT 509 if You Want Tommy Cleanshave to Win!" This train of thought always leaves me with the same feeling that the social status quo is so upside down and fucked over that only by doing the opposite of the status quo will I be able to sleep at night. I'm torn between the absolute certainty of an environmental collapse and wanting to buy a nice Ibanez bass guitar. But don't worry, when the heat wave hits your town we'll be real cool again and so we won't give a shit about your pleas for help.

I failed the hearing tests for another clinical study. I have hearing loss in both ears to compound the Tinnitus that bereaves me daily. This is deadly serious and probably has no solution outside of death. I mention this because I found the piano practice rooms at UT and my western gospel songbook arrived and I look forward to returning to record my gospel hour with Oggy that will combine sermons and song with a light meal to be served afterwards.- Did you know that "America, The Beautiful" is a hymn?
I played my Petula Clark songs contentedly this afternoon on a Steinway baby grand but the tones of some notes actually pierced my eardrum because while deafness is horrible it is actually accompanied by terrible acute sensitivity to certain frequencies that are found in Tony Hatch written material from 1965. I can't think of anything worse than feeling physical pain in the head from playing Soft Rock on the piano.

I think that if everyone eligible to vote in the US actually voted then Ryan Seacrest would be the next President.

Random Fact You Don't Want To Know: The difference between the last ice age and today is a 6 degree average in temperatures. 3 degrees will be the difference in our survival. So Enjoy that barbque chicken!

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