Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Self Destruction

The job hunt has brought me to the lip of deadly contradiction. The same electro-mechanical manufacturer that supplies the wind turbine and solar industries also supplies the Military. It's like Philosophy was intentionally disposed of when George Washington divested himself from England. The Hoax that I'm pondering lately is related to America and what it stands for. If we repeat that this is the land of peace freedom and justice enough then maybe we'll forget that you'd be safer, more free, and better represented in Iceland. I read the upsetting tale of Anthony Graves yesterday and it really chilled my heart.

To sum the awful tale up: Robert Carter didn't want to pay child support to two women so he went over to the house to kill one baby mama and his son. But four other girls were unexpectedly in the house so he killed them too. And then he burned the house down and burned his face in the process. Done. That's what happened. The cops question him and he says, because the cops say they'll go easy on him if he gives up his accomplice, that Anthony Graves really killed all the people (Graves had never met the deceased). Graves and Carter had met previously but the night of the murder Graves was actually sleeping with his girlfriend and his own kid and another teenager both remember him at their house the whole night...because that's where he was.  So, the only piece of evidence that implicated Graves was an interrogation confession by Carter who hoped to blame Graves and get a lighter sentence. That's it! And mr. hot shot D.A Sebesta actually believes Carter and indicts Graves, who spends 2 years in jail just waiting for a trial. Total and total insanity. It would be no different than one of those street punks I met last week saying I coerced them into robbing a house and the cops arrest me. Why not? Two arrests look better than one. Hell, they'd use this blog against me and who could blame them? Anyone got $150K for my defense?

Then the trial is a travesty and somehow the jury believes the insane lies and perjury and finds Graves Guilty. Did Carter ever try to admit that he was really lying about Graves? Yes, but Sebesta talked him out of it. He intimidated him enough to get him to perjure himself and say Graves was guilty too. Oh, if he'd only had the courage to admit on the stand that he had lied! But he didn't and Graves stood accused. I don't know why Graves never took the stand in his own defense. I ain't no lawyer but if you are innocent then you should always take the stand. Always! I mean, he was totally totally innocent and deserved to say it on the stand but his shitty lawyers probably decided it would hurt his case. Ha! He got a death sentence. Carter did too. Of course, later Carter took it all back and said he'd acted alone...because that's the truth. But no one listened and Graves spent 18 years in jail for Sebesta and Carter's criminal conspiracy. It's fucked up. In the end, the District Attorney and the murderer of a family ignorantly conspired to destroy Graves life. That's a sick team. Carter's last words before the lethal injection were, "I acted alone." and he was telling the truth.

The casual insanity of the D.A., Charles Sebesta in the case was so obviously criminal and he still refuses to admit he fucked up. Sebesta wasn't 100% wrong during his career but he was 100% wrong about Graves' involvement in killing 6 people he didn't know. It's an example of how flawed a person can become and then it's an example of how, based on his flawed perception, he can build a case to actually convince a jury to believe the same flawed perception and further defend his own self deception. But really, the only reason Graves went to jail and OJ Simpson walked free after killing two people is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. That's the only difference. Justice is a commodity like everything else in the commercialized country. A real lawyer wanted $150 K to defend Graves against the totally arbitrary and spur of the moment accusations of the real killer who for some reason was considered credible (so it was really something that never needed to be done since if they had only questioned Graves and his girlfriend they would instantly know the truth, but they immediately indicted him instead). Graves didn't have $150K so he relied on two appointed lawyers who failed to defend him against the most insane travesty of lies and self-deceit.  I could understand if Sebesta actually had a personal bone to pick against Graves, but he didn't. He actually believed a completely homicidal lunatic and then failed to be skeptical for one minute about the lunatic's ranting or even scratch the surface of the lies he was telling. Instead, Sebesta went ahead and regurgitated the same lies but with a classier package and better vocabulary. He repackaged the lies in a way that won the conviction. To use current lingo, he retweeted the lies.

So, Graves was finally set free (exonerated) last year and awarded $1.4 million but will never get his 18 years back. It's cases like this that make people want to be lawyers but my strong feeling is that it's precisely because of lawyers asking for $150K that causes cases like this.  

You can not turn education, medical treatment, or legal defense into a commercialized, brokered service. If you do then you are an asshole.

Sorry, I sound like a socialist. I guess people say crazy things when the country they live in is completely fucked up.

So, beware of what you think is true. I'm skeptical to a fault but no, you will not find me on a team building a bridge to nowhere or a jury that sentences innocent people to die.

This was all a digressive path to say that I can't win. I'm working in the same manufacturing plant that makes harnesses for wind turbines and battleships. I can not fucking win. Justice is a joke. Philosophy is dead. I really feel that on a large scale we are all like Charles Sebesta, defending to the death the same quite platitudes that homicidal lunatics whisper to us in the night.

I'll leave Anthony Graves with the last word before you get back to your reality television reality vacation..

"[As far as the death penalty goes], if you kill a man who is innocent, then you become a murderer."


Anonymous said...

Why are you in Texas? Head home to nice cool Portsmouth!!!

Oggy Bleacher said...

I fell for that once before. Never again.

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