Monday, August 27, 2012


They are very intelligent bugs. Not ants. They communicate telepathically and quickly acted to save themselves.

Could my bug expert identify this? They were all over my moped.

Geography Lesson

Why does James bring this junk back to his yard?

I finally took down Flashdance and Footloose. I'm trying to remodel the van.

Keep me away from Flea Markets. I have no money but bought a Lava Lamp and a LeMans disco shirt. $4 wasted.

Heat Index has this at 124. It was brutal.
It was a busy weekend with combating the Mall Cops and giving the van a needed tune up. 24-30 dwell, 6 degrees btdc, .40 mm. .30-.35mm. I would tune it up every day to fix the routine in my head but the numbers are there permanently. It's running good but I really need a place to do the transmission work. It's like $100 in parts but the labor will be one week. That's worth $350 to me but the shop will charge $1300. The numbers really don't add up so whoever thought Capitalism is a good idea should have his head checked.


70 Wrecoline E-800 said...

Nice. ...Nick Drake - ish.. Kept waiting for you to cut into 'Black Eyed Dog'.. I like sounds of the cars wizzin by...

003-E enilonocE said...

..Bugs on the moped.. Looks like a small family of baby Stink Bugs. Man, you do NOT want them breeding in your van. I think they are attracted to the cool temperature of the metal on your bike.. I got bit by one back in 2002 when they were introduced from China, it hurt like a bee hand looked like a frggn red oven mitt with red stripes shooting up my arm, fever, headaches... They say 1 out of a 100 people have an alergic reaction like I did. Those bastard stink bugs are one of the few insects on my insect hit-list.

Oggy Bleacher said...

But these baby bugs didn't fly or look to have wings. They only congregated on the tail end of my moped. It made no sense. they were only on the moped. I hosed them off and didn't see them anywhere else in the van. And I found mouse shit on the cooler. It's like Noah's Ark.

Anonymous said...

Immature leaf footed bug.

Oggy Bleacher said...

Rozi gets the award. ****! These were baby leaf footed bugs, recently hatched probably on my cooler of the moped.
My van is not clean or sanitary and I'm not proud of it.

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