Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wing and A Prayer

We all dream of flying to the moon
 I'm eating 5 bean casserole that has been in my cooler since 2009. It tastes ok.

Oggy in the process of getting West Nile Virus. Texas Mosquitoes make no noise when they fly and are too light to feel. They land and suck my blood like oil field energy companies.
 I was in a rage and at the flea market and found a collectible chicken and rooster. Lonely thoughts and angry resentments made me haggle with the old man selling it. I brought it home to the van and lived with it for a few weeks conversing with it nightly as to a theraputic pet rock. This little chick stayed behind when I set the rooster free.
Time to spread my wings
When I was remodeling I hatefully threw him in the trash but today I hunted him down again and set him free too. Maybe he will be reunited with his family one day.

The ultimate ghetto fix on Oggy's moped...soldering the bulb leads inside the bulb.

 Irksome problems with the moped and van abound. If I weren't neck deep in other problems on other cars then I'd really get physical with my van's driveshaft u joints. I wanted to go to El Mexicano tonight for a plato de tacos but it was dark and my headlight had been giving me problems. I thought there was a ground problem but it turned out to be the contacts coming out of the filament were detached from the solder point which is also the plug prongs. Well, after a failed attempt to fix it blindly through a small hole I drilled I basically cracked the black plastic open since it isn't a conventional bulb and I positioned the filament wires next to some copper wire that I soldered on and then I soldered it all together so it finally works.* But the idea of riding in the night even with light just to get a taco sounded less appealing after I thought about it. So I opened the 5 bean casserole and lit the stove.

Blue is Peace
White is Purification
Red is Prosperity
Green is Compassion
Yellow is Knowledge

Like my "Simplify" sticker, these are not current conditions, they are aspirations.

* Headlights for 1974 Vespa Ciao mopeds are $25 each.


Anonymous said...

Is that a mosquito on your limp cock?


Anonymous said...

You getting a general delivery down in Mexas?

Oggy Bleacher said...

Don't send me anything.

chicken face said...

I got news for ya, I don't read music, and you left me trilogies of artists that write theory, my theory is played with my crooked heart,eyes,and teeth, so all of these dots need to go somewhere, why not with the readers.

Oggy Bleacher said...

Snaggletooth, cigarette smoke in petro land will soon chase me south of the border where my lungs will not deteriorate. I'll take my chances with Zeta bullets rather than dodge Marlboro fumes all day.
Bleacher Sr. occupies the DOWNSTAIRS of the Lincoln Ave house now in Snobsmouth. Drop them in the door and one day I'll have a piano to play Meatloaf again on a Steinway.

--Lone Wolf

Chicken foreneck said...

ok voy a pasar por la fertlizer semillas

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