Monday, October 1, 2012

Flightless Bird

I should stick to two wheels
There seems to be a theme lately with pulling an entire engine on a 1999 Pontiac Firebird and then dropping an engine on a 1985 Goldwing. And then there is the chicken figurine that wants to fly to the moon. The theme is birds and migration and I think Oggy is about to become another migratory bird.The trick was taking apart the front part of the left side exhaust pipe. I was really puzzled by how the engine would drop down on top of the exhaust headers and I don't have a manual and the online How-To was for a different model. But then I forced my brain to focus and there were two bolts holding the exhaust in two pieces. Remove the bolts and bang the front half off and then the engine can drop down unimpeded. The exhaust itself is some complicated piece of work as it connects under the frame and all the bolts are rusted. I was almost going to get an engine hoist and pick the whole bike up and remove the entire exhaust from under it. It was a real puzzle for a minute.
Back to the bird theme: they asked me if I had any family, or lived in a house, or had any money. They were basically saying, we want you as a field service tech in the middle of nowhere because only a hobo would take this job and there will be no family to sue us when you die.

too bad you can't understand anything this singer is singing.
"If I leave here tomorrow
will you still remember me
for I must be travelling on now.
there's so many places I've got to see"

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