Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Know Why The Pregnant Robot Got An Abortion

See, the real world doesn't correspond to my style of blogging and I think that's what Mr. Pregnant Robot determined also and went into retirement. I reflect on today and it's not so much a blur, but it's character-less and lacks anecdotes and many details were banished from my mind to be replaced by actual job skills. I've never seen a spring bolt before but now I know how to instal them with the wrong side up. In fact, the grave seriousness of the situation has almost deactivated my entire mechanism for remembering and notating anecdotes. I trained myself over years to concentrate on details and read people in order to get the story behind the story. That wasn't a gift but something I cultivated by sacrificing any acceptable level of production and job ethic. Go ahead, blame the fall of the economy on me. I decided that if I wanted to be Hermann Hesse or John Steinbeck then I would have to live a fairly unconventional life and also I would have to pay complete attention to everything except what I was paid to be doing. I would catalog smells and sights and sounds and locations and all the details that must be included in a story. Work? Oh, I'd get to it eventually.

And that worked pretty well because now it is automatic for me to include these important details that gave Steinbeck his magic. The mental work has already been completed and my "writing voice" is finally in place and I'm confident in being able to say what I want to say in my own style. So all the suffering and absent minded job loss was worth it because I'm able to recreate the moments I believed were important to the human condition and create art. If this applies to my fiction writing then I'm going to be very happy.

Now this skill has to take a break because I look back on today and I'm actually distracted by writing even this brief note* because the real work that I need to accomplish right now is a due diligence order of operation and spec manual for the assembly I'm doing.

Is it more important than blogging about the experiences in which I concluded that I need a due diligence order of operation manual? It must be because I have nothing more on the topic I want to write about. And since the non-disclosure agreement I signed prohibits any mention of the order of operation, I can't even share that. Please amuse yourself with previous posts.

* It's like Oggy is no longer writing this blog.

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