Friday, October 5, 2012

Lap of Luxury

This past week might go down in history as "Greatest Turn of Fortunes Ever" because I started it out ankle deep in Pontiac Firebird misery and depression and financial woes and I ended it with a total spend thrift attitude maxing out credit cards and taking loans out on your children's future earth all on a roll of the dice that something would work out and I could keep the van running and my arthritis under control and my self loathing below OSHA specs...and now I'm in a leather seat with free drinks and snack mix in luxury per diem expense account insanity in a billion dollar industry and three free meals and an air conditioned private room on a battleship watching 3D cartoon reenactments of my own life in peyote butterfly visions. I literally made $0 at that fucked up garage and I sweated on that Pontiac and that Chevy and BMW and a Narc Car and a honda gold wing for 3 weeks, doing probably $4000 worth of work. How fucked up is that? But the reversal has been dramatic as I'm buying $250 fire resistant pants and dreaming of exactly what custom wood working scrolling I want on the neck of my $3000 guitar. Exactly who do I want to dedicate this instrument to? I really can think of only one person. But that's all star gazing of a kid who wants to fly to the moon on his stuffed Pegasus.

Is it luck or perseverance? I think a combination of both, priorities and determination and stubbornness and luck. I study Hydrogen sulfide and cable tray arrangements and fiber optic safety straps to my ego. I'm excited and feel giddy and sick. Will it pan out for the future? I don't know but I have tasted the boom era and the wild west of the gold mining is now in the present with deep drilling and hydro is all a cycle of repetitions and while I look around at the "No $100 bills" sign at a Subway and the help wanted signs everywhere as employees are picked to drive trucks for $900 a day and overnight fortunes are won and lost and families raised and dreams are reborn in the dying and dead desert, I am reflective and excited but also sad that what seems new was once old and will seem old very soon and the fatigue of the past deprivation and penitent lifestyle I have led may catch up to me soon. It's the kind of job you ignore back pain for and the Mexican hookers drift in the shadows and while I may end up a piano player at a brothel I can hear the blood rushing in my head and it sounds like angel harp strings.You want to know how dramatic the change has been? I want to kiss the CEO of Halliburton on the lips.


me said...

Are you changing wordlviews? I am mesmerized, Still the information posted here it is not sufficent to feed my growing curiosity

Oggy Bleacher said...

A worldview must always incorporate new experiences and changing humane circumstances to be considered vibrant and geometrically sound. Thus, my own exceptional world view is ever changing, in motion and adjusting to the world as it expands and contracts under the sway of La Maestra Fortuna. Fate has deemed fit to position me in this deadly field of Hydrogen Sulfide beneath the damaging rays of the sun to instal actuators on oil wells. I have resisted this path but it seems this is my current destiny and I will now spare no expense to serve the directives of the company. One does not purchase 15 trucks at $70K each for frivolous my loyalty and undivided attention is paramount. I'm either all in or all out and at this point I'm all in.
Non disclosure agreements prevent me from sharing specific information but as the circle turns and morphs so does my worldview. naturally. This is a long overdue attempt to balance my self destructive paths with a dangerous platform walk across the alligator pit of Hydrogen Sulfide but on the other side will be experience that will tenderize the hardened heart of my gypsy depravity. All will be revealed in time.

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