Thursday, October 25, 2012

See Me Now

Here's a mirror image I see every day and it doesn't take 20/20 vision to know what a hypocrite looks like. Conventional Wisdom leads to events like the holocaust. And in the years of trying to get involved with alternative energy I've resisted because despite what the hippies say the solar power comes at great cost and is most often used in military and oil related fields. You think the Humboldt pot growers use only solar power to grow their $100K harvest? You want to rely on Norcal sunshine to guarantee your payday? No, they use gas and diesel power generators....

I could go on and on about this twisted web of interaction our civilization has wrought on the planet. It's possible to unravel but it's a mess. I came to the oil field to exploit the planet to earn money to buy the guitar that will complete me as a musician, which is my hobby and not my occupation. But I end up being the solar panel expert on a team of Spanish pipefitters and I'm now the exclusive installer of the solar panels that are required for our install. Talk about irony and if I had a hand big enough to slap the flabby face of anyone who calls me a hypocrite then I would reach across the nation...but let words be enough when ignorance talks like Fox News fabrication of facts that people think Family Guy is informational and then launch their pitiful indictments on Oggy. Blah blah blah - punks with spare change in their ragged jeans tossing around words they don't understand.

Anyway, I'm neck deep in solar power now in the one place (hydrofracturing field) that has been identified as a major contributor to greenhouse gasses and possible extinction of the species of Man. SO YOU ASSHOLES WITH BIG BRAINS IN YOUR PHS BACKPACK,, YOU EXPLAIN THAT TO ME!!! JUSTIFY THAT>!

I'll let you fumble around with your iphone dickhead application while I say that there is no explanation. You're either a Trappist Monk, or you indirectly work for Halliburton. There is no grey area in this nigger nation.

I went to a political soapbox campaign event for the free hot dogs and Francisco Canseco singled out Greenpeace and The Sierra Club as enemies of the state.
"No limits on all Eagle Ford Shale drilling...and whatever," he said, dismissively to the ball cap crowd eating hot pig flesh as thundering oil tankers sped down the nearby road TO DELIVER OIL AND GAS TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD.

What could I do except clap...loudly....and stand up? A hypocrite would've remained silent. I cheered like Winston when Big Brother announces victory over Eastasia. Because while my aspirations of 2011 were 100% in the realm of the Arctic Wolf, my betrayed brother, it is, according to my calender, 2012 and I can vote for whatever conservative monster who will protect my paycheck and feed the family of mice living in my van. I'm an oil field worker...and my worldview has been rearranged by choice.

This is the world and the boom and bust economy is now in my fabrication mentality with crippled knees and skinned knuckles combining to melt down my resolve. I was going to add another sub category of Folk Art Crafts that I've done to my blog. YEAH< THAT RUG HOOKING ENTERPRISE REALLY BROUGHT THE DOLLARS IN!!! And my punch pin embroidery is also a huge success in Thailand. Leather Working, Coxcombing...carving horse whips for the S&M crowd. All of it led to distressed poverty and stale rescue mission lunches.

Except for the two years I lived in Santa Cruz as a complete burden to the tangled bay tree I lived in and a terror among small children and elderly, I've contributed about as much to the upcoming enviornmental apocalypse as anyone else. I've tried to recycle but really the bulk of recyclables that is wasted more than negates any contribution I've made to thrift. You understand? There comes a point where one more plastic water bottle really doesn't matter and we've reached that point. We drive 10 super durty diesel trucks at a gas guzzling 75 mph for 3 hours one way. 360 miles a day...3600 miles total...with diesel at $3.80....our daily gas consumption is, without the gas generators we use on site, 360 gallons....about $1400....the expenditure is out of my pitiful financial grasp. Company men for some drilling rigs make $10,000 a trouble shoot the problems caused by $30/hr roughnecks pipeliners. We (my company) now dispose of at least 200 water bottles a day and I account for 11 of those. What am I going to do, bag them separately to recycle them? No, that anchor is for another martyr to carry to the hobo bin of broken dreams.
*use your imagination to put my little guitar solo over the chord accompaniment for that song.


Anonymous said...

When we were in Dallas I asked where to put my empty beer cans. My cousins said in the trash. I, ignorantly, asked if they had a recycling bin. They did, it was full of trash, regular old trash. I asked if they recycled at all and they looked at me like I was crazy. My brother and I joked that they had single stream recycling. A single stream right to the dump.

All this happened while we were shooting AK-47s and Glock 9mms in the desert. We spent $500 on Ammo that we blew through in about 1 hour. I will send you a video of the mayhem.


Oggy Bleacher said...

You forgot to mention that the entire time all their V8 super duty trucks were idling in the parking lot to keep the deer hide upolstery from shrinking in the heat.

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