Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Changing History

Young men make history, but old men write it down. Middle aged men invent history and then take unnecessary naps. Oggy has moved past the Bronze age of communication and has come upon something called a Laptop Internet Stick...that magically allows him to access and inflate his alternate ego from the comfort of his 1980s man cave. Keep in mind that this blog is for entertainment purposes and good entertainment is not a facebook status picture of false smiles and best behavior because entertainment titillates, disgusts, enrages and soothes. Maybe it amuses but it must be a roller coaster ride or else it is nothing but a diary written knowing ones mother spell checks it every evening.
I lived in Hollywood and I paid attention to the essence of entertainment and not so much to the false tit aspect of it. But I sensed a decline in interest in my story by which I mean this was a false ending that might be confused with a real ending and thus bore an audience and since I am the living God-king of this universe it was up to me to invoke the power of the old Oggy whose decline was so captivating to the three people who read this blog. So I dug deep to see if I could still repulse myself with lies and with self deception in the name of entertainment. This is all Maya, illusion, and my commitment to honor the patron saint of entertainment is still strong....so this is a friendly reminder from the Buddha of Banality to compare this blog to a matinee movie as long as you provide the popcorn. Drama is defined as a conflict between comedy and tragedy and I think that's what I've created here as part of my strategy of revenge against an industry that shunned me.

p.s. I'm well passed my financial goal to relocate to a Guatemalan village. The transmission of the van isn't giving me any problems. I have no more bridges to burn.

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