Thursday, December 20, 2012

Every Cloud Has Some Rain

"Aside from poor management and possibly fraudulent activity, Chesapeake is struggling with financial issues. Chesapeake currently does not have the cash flow necessary to cover its planned capital expansion. It is estimated that the company has a funding gap of nearly $9 billion. This is clearly bad news, as it means the company wants to expand more than it can afford." --from an July '12 article that I didn't read until today.

Oggy no longer has an obligation to hide company secrets, or how he ignored the hard hat rule.
Oggy is breathing pure oxygen and feeling good.
Those clouds in the background are his pink slip approaching.

Yes there is a silver lining, and that accounts for 2% of any cloud. The other 98% is some shitty weather. I believe the silver lining period of my days in the Oil Field are coming to a close. If that's the case then let these days be remembered in the light of the future. I tried to observe some appreciation of Plato and Newton but my efforts were negligible. The world may end but I have my oxygen mask at the ready.
It wasn't lack of geometry and a blighted world view that brought down my company but instead the fact we believed the hype and ignored the warning signs. That's how the world moves forward. Ignorance breeds compliance.

I don't know what will happen. It's too late to make it to the Yucatan Peninsula for the Mayan Apocalypse Party so I will tune the piano and play with myself. Fortunately I have lots of Ramen Noodles.

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