Saturday, March 16, 2013


Computer level is set to 4 of I beat a teenager who is watching T.V. while playing chess.

I want you to note how few pieces I had left on the board to pull off this mate.

In other news I overfilled the gear box of the Jawa and it still ran like a wounded Czech soldier...and the fuel ratio was smoked like a clogged Russian chimney but otherwise it might be useful.
Jawa mopeds use 30w motor oil in the crankcase (Vespa Ciao mopeds only use 90w gear oil in the rear hub) but not full up like a motorcycle or car since the cylinder is laying parallel with the ground...only fill it to where it leaks out of an inspection hole. I saw it leaking and thought something was wrong so I screwed a bolt in there and kept filling like an amateur. I basically flooded the cylinder with oil...and it still ran. Now I have it figured out and I'm amazed it still ran while burning tons of oil...gear oil no less. Probably good for breaking in the new rings I bought from Prague. You should have seen the pack of dogs chasing me and my Czech moped down the street like they could smell the decay of Communism on my fenders...

This is part of my attempt to ignore the fact it was 92 degrees today...which puts us on track for 20 degrees above average this +-140. Edwards Aquifer has never been lower...they had to invent a new water restriction level. Odd number houses get to brush their teeth in the morning...I'm sure the hydrogen booster I'm building for my van is either going to kill me and the van or is going to save the world. I called the bank to deal with my $2.09 debt and they were closed due to the motherfuckers charged my account another $8. I have nothing but loathsome hate for them and their blighted offspring. My life is as chaotic as a Jawa moped wiring schematic. Will I flee to Guatemala with the little money I have or will I return to the hydrofracturing field...or will I keep working on ancient mopeds...or get a job at a refinery...haven't you ever wondered how oil becomes gasoline?
Here's a picture that fits Oggy's grade level...refineries are easy...
Here's one that is over my head...wah? Where do I slide my credit card?
As rare as a tax refund...two 1976 Jawa Jikov throttle slides. One that I mangled (L) and the replacement from Hungary (R)
Muddy Waters sang a song called "You Gonna Need My Help"...but it wasn't intended for me. I believe the Texas government is lacing my drinking water with Ritalin because I can focus more and my focus has me dissecting my most intimate psychological an oil refinery boiling the buried abuse at different temperatures to distill gleaming drops of hopeless literature for my digital cave painting.

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