Sunday, March 3, 2013

God Loves A Desperate Man

Oggy On The Road

I swear that I tried to avoid this situation but it was my destiny to be stranded near Alpine, Texas with no bus or plane or bike or alternative option to cross the desert, having nearly walked from the ancient city of Chihuahua to the frontier, lips swollen, but eyes no longer weeping loneliness.

And thus it was my destiny to be picked up by a pretty Mexican Doctor of Forestry on her way back to Monterrey, Mx from Big Bend National Park. She literally said it was because of the Bongo drums, laying in the cow manure near my ravaged backpack, that she turned around and came back for me.

And her sonorous voice speaking of raptors and geology was like the cool side of a pillow to my fevered soul.

"If you're ever in Monterrey..." she said handing me her email address in front of my dusty apartment in Uvalde.

I stared at her, projecting insane romantic visions through the Bolero rhythm that my quivering heart beat.

Oggy, alas, you shall die conflicted and devoured by a soul that is falling through dreamy clouds but believes it is flying. And as long as the hard earth also plummets equally, who is to say you are wrong?
Copper Canyon: The only thing deeper than Oggy's Romantic Delusions (Yes, I gave the dog a scrap of my roasted chili sandwich)

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