Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Washing of The Water

My first introduction to Peter Gabriel was on MTV. Sledgehammer was an odd video. I preferred Madonna's striptease offerings at the time. Later I learned he was in Genesis. Sometime in 1992, when I was out of the loop of modern culture he recorded this song. I nearly shit myself when it came on my iPod randomly today. It's pretty much impossible to sing without getting emotional but I'll give it a shot when I figure out the chords and melody - and how to avoid the falsetto. I wonder if he was listening to Jackson Browne albums when he wrote this song...


Anonymous said...

if you are signed in you don't see the scrambled word.
in this case it's
elfirke 315

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agreemore about the Jackson Browne comment, This is the first time I've heard this, thank you, the creciendo killed it a bit for me, but in song like life it needs a storyboard, Crisis, The Challenge, The solution. Sometimes the best things in life are without a resolution,

Signed Chicken Fucker

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