Thursday, May 9, 2013

Once Upon Oggy's Dream

I rarely resort to a youtube movie clip repost but the news has been beyond bleak lately. I'm drinking long island iced tea with orange juice and I deal with 480 volts most of the day in 110 degree heat. I'm laughing because inches separate me from death and the loss of my fantasy Mexican lover has left me with the stark reality of heat and electricity and the constant growth and throwing money at custom guitar manufacturers. What is the point? Then I see a clip of Once Upon A Time in The West, my favorite Sergio Leone western...and I remember that amid the destruction and terror there is art and beauty and maybe the human experience is forced to encompass all of it for any of it to have meaning. If this movie doesn't give me hope and perspective then nothing will.


Anonymous said...

That is on my short to re-watch list. I was just compiling that list last weekend. Thanks for the reminder

Oggy Bleacher said...

It's so good I can't stand the existence of any movie that sucks ass. The harmonica motif exists in no other film. It's operatic and delicious. Bronson, Robards, Fonda, Cardinale. Makes me happy to be alive.

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