Friday, May 24, 2013

Western Opera

sergio leone
This is one of the final scenes of Once Upon A Time in The West. It's moving as that little backwards sign that hangs on the left says "Station" which is the theme of the whole film.* The long stark segments with two people saying nothing are contrasted by these epic scenes right out of the school of Gone With The Wind. There are some edits in the modern version that make it jump around but Sergio Leone really made a great movie here. It should rank with Dr. Zhivago and Gone With The Wind and to some people it does. Don't call it a "spaghetti western" in my presence.

Even though I am definitely in the middle of a similar burst of growth it's hard to keep perspective when you are the one with the pick axe and the bad back. Like Cheyenne says to Harmonica, " When someone takes you down, make sure they know where to shoot you."

*The train is coming from the east so the sign reads correctly for approaching travelers.

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