Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cooling Off

Feels like 113? My van thermometer is off the chart...120+. A/C runs non stop and the desert never cools off even during the night. Feels like Lybia. This year I've made an improvement in lifestyle but that isn't saying much since passing out from heat exposure in my van on an alley in Austin isn't a real peak of my life, but it's still ungodly hot. I remember thinking that I would never stay for another summer because it's impossible to work outside and I'm not an office type so how could I remain inside all summer? It made no sense. But this job has the possibility of being an easy dollar with soft hands choking the wolf lifeless so maybe it will last the rest of the summer. I'm sort of indifferent because I've got the fat piggy bank and will have to accept my guitar status can't change without winning the lottery. Puebla, MX is looking so good right now. I'm going to surrender to the fates but I'm not picking up another rock bar for the rest of the summer so that sort of limits my function with this company. Either I'm an oil field radio network tech with some fancy guitars, or I'm studying Pre-Colombian art in Puebla with the same old beater guitars I've been playing for 5 years. Could go either way. I've wanted a job on a wind farm maintenance crew for years and one finally opened up but it pays less than I make now and requires climbs over 100 ft up a pole. I think Puebla is a better option right now.

Recently, The Prez had some strong words about the climate but I feel that businesses will have the last word. Corporations control the government so he can say all he wants but if it contradicts the wishes of Shell then it will not go further. I think Bush wasn't so much "Pro-Oil" as he was "Pro-Practical" that it made no difference. Bush (Via the CUNT Karl Rove) basically decided to join what he can't beat. Obama seems to think he can beat what can't be beaten.

Basically, Texas, the leading oil and LNG processor will do exactly what it wants to do...up to and including, secession, which would leave the rest of the country free to join Texas or find another milk cow. Since Oklahoma and Louisiana are basically subsidiaries of  Conoco and Exxon, their choice is easy. Most states are pro oil and pro coal so it would be interesting if Obama really drew a line in the sand. It'll have to come to civil war which will again lead to bad decisions regarding resources as solar powered tanks don't stand a chance. So, again, the ends will have to justify the means and still I'm not sure if Texas couldn't defeat the rest of the country. All these armed nuts would finally have something to shoot at. It would be a good fight...and ironically, Texas is also a leader in wind farms so it would be more a matter of pride that no one in Washington is going to dictate our economy. As my boss said, "Obama isn't on our payroll so we don't listen to him." And those aren't empty words. They truly don't listen to him. We'll develop clean energy when we're ready and not a moment before.

I think every president since Lincoln has basically been walking the tight rope with the knowledge that Americans can and will chew the eyes out of their neighbors. One unpopular declaration like a carbon tax could unite all the energy corporations and their unlimited army of private security who loathe big government into exactly what Robert E. Lee needed when he was retreating in Virginia.

I can't guarantee that a civil war is on the horizon but I really hope I live long enough to see how it was avoided without also propelling Earth's climate into an apocalypse. It's 2050 and it is 112 degrees, no food, no water, 9.5 billion people. If there isn't complete chaos with those conditions then I really want to see how order is maintained. Because I personally don't see how collapse can be avoided right now. I'm convinced that a complete breakdown in modern western lifestyle is imminent save for some revolutionary idea or energy source that changes everything and has no precedent. Where is John Galt when we need him?

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