Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mixed Messages

Own an oil well to fund your anti-oil campaign? (that's a pump jack in the background)

I'm a hypocrite and a dirtbag. I've been called a rat and a traitor to my cause. I thrive on arctic wolf blood. So I know when something is amiss. My favorite evangelical environmental site, Climate Progress, has the frequent article on hydro-fracking, which is what pays Oggy's bills lately. I'll be moving away from the electrical installations to radio telemetry so more information can be directed to the headquarters than ever before but it's still related to pumping chemicals into the earth to break it so everything can keep growing like cancer. I'm not sure if humanity is in the end stages but my ignorance is preceded by my own egotistical inventions when I venture to suggest humbly that USING WASTEWATER OR PROPANE TO FRACTURE SHALE POCKETS IN ORDER TO LIVE IN LARGER CITIES WHERE WALMARTS ARE BEYOND THE REACH OF A BICYCLE is probably an indicator of something terribly wrong. It reads like desperation. We have no unless we want to dehydrate the citizens of south Texas then we have to figure out another injection material...SO WE WILL USE THEIR SHIT WATER.
If you aren't scratching your head then go back to sleep because you're useless.

Climate Progress found out that running an anti-oil campaign costs money so they opened their site up to the most frivolous pop up ads to generate money. Taboola...etc...banner ads. They aren't like Oggy and are content to live in creeper vans to reduce their overhead costs and alienate everyone. No, they want to change nothing except the global attitude toward climate. And if oil well ads generate them money to use to fight oil wells then so be it. "A buck is a buck," said the whore faced dog.

I have changed my position on energy due to my employment in the energy field. I've been enlightened by the determination that those in the energy industry have. I'm trying to be more practical; Dirty energy is needed to produce clean energy...and I suspect that clean energy will not be clean enough and since no fundamental change has taken place in the hearts and minds of humanity then it makes no difference. We're acting like spoiled children who break their toys and expect them to be replaced. I've been asked if living in a free trailer with steady work and tons of packaged food is an improvement over living in a stick hut in Santa Cruz eating trash and I feel that there is no such thing as improvements in such worldly/superficial terms. All that is perspective. "It makes no difference," is my bleak response and this rarely satisfies those people trying to lift my spirits with their tiresome "Now you have made it." attitudes.

You can equate it with a teenage girl who thinks she needs to lose 10 pounds to be pretty. If you ascribe to that attitude, and most people do, then you are a fuckwad and you'll definitely judge a hippie living in a hut as "a loser". Your generic, pre-packaged values repulse me. It's even irksome to try to explain myself when the only people who have ever agreed with me were also living in huts.

And it's that overall conflict with (a philosophically corrupt) society that remains the biggest problem with living in a hut...but the living in a hut isn't the problem. Blending in to an asylum ethic isn't my idea of "making it". Forgive my depression at being rich. TRY TO EXPLAIN THAT TO SOMEONE.

Comparing the opposition (repulsive Seattle environmentalists on Chinese bicycles drinking coffee from Ecuador) to the laborers I work with I can see who is going to win this war. How many environmentalists die every day going to work? If the answer is fewer than 10 then I'll tell you they lack the commitment of the pro-energy folks. It's plainly a war of extremes and the history propagandists will tell you that wars are won by firepower and strategy. "Right" and "Wrong" never ever enter the equation. The winner writes history. The genocide of the Native population is taught as "manifest destiny". That's pure thought manipulation funded by public schools. But you look around at the ball parks and the hot dog stands and playgrounds and smoothly functioning bridges and think that since this is all good then what brought this to being must also have been good. Sure. Keep telling yourself that. The Kickapoo were dirty people and deserved to be exterminated and herded into future Casinos. Yes. The iPhone 5 is our manifested destiny because it exists and we are powerless against it. So too goes the energy war; Shell and ExxonMobil and Conoco are the Ulysses Grant of this war and Robert E Lee is Climate Progress (if I'm being generous)

We have painted ourselves into a barren corner and are now pretending that it's where we planned to be from the beginning. There is no design by the masses of sheep taught to think and buy the latest lies. Tyger Tyger Burning Bright...
When the stars threw down their spears,
And water'd heaven with their tears,
Did He smile His work to see?
Did He who made the lamb make thee?

Blake might aske the same thing of modern man. What anvil wrought our hands to throttle the lifeless love? The same hand that shaped the Redwood Tree?

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