Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Routine News

So, we're trying to get back to the office today at 5 pm and there's a head on collision in front of us that shuts down farm road 85. We're redirected through a lightning storm. And when I research what happened I learn that it's not even the first fatal head on accident OF THE DAY.

"C S -
The newly-appointed city manager of C S died from injuries he suffered in an accident Tuesday morning.
RM was on his way to work Tuesday morning when his vehicle collided with a cement truck on Highway 83."*

drive safe
moments after the sheriff told non big rigs to turn around

RM died early in the morning and someone who hasn't even been identified died around 4:30 pm....on a different road nearby. And the death toll is like Kabul because only Friday a man drove drunk and killed his two kids and a woman driving another car. If you want to make money you should open an air lift helicopter medi-vac service in CS

And when I say that I drive 450 miles each day I want you to take a good look at the road I'm driving on. 75 mph, frack trucks...wet...lightning...tired...wind...illegals...smugglers...hogs...dying wolves...the only reason there aren't helicopters in this picture is because of the lightning and maybe the drivers were too dead to bother with. And this particular stretch of road has a wide shoulder, paint, and no pot holes which is not true for most of the road. All of this effort so we can remain the #1 polluter on the planet. Congratulations.

*That's the road I once commuted on. I pass the cement plant every day.

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