Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day 2013

This dog has no idea he's a midget
A year ago I was collapsed in the Corpus Christi visitor's center and the police came by and told me to leave...ON JULY 4TH. I don't know if you can be slapped in the face harder than that by the stark realities of a police state. It was like a telegram from the governor saying, "No Refuge For Yankees". I mean, I couldn't even be welcomed by the visitor's center.

The fireworks were entertaining as they blew up over the U.S.S. Lexington Battleship where you can watch films of Pacific navy battles on a 3D screen in an air conditioned theater...ON THE BATTLESHIP. Because Texas has no trace of restraint or philosophical irony. The traffic was insane but I walked back to my van and slept by a gas station, totally demoralized.

Not long after that I tried to recreate a shred of happiness from my past by going to the beach where I was instantly struck down by the Gulf Coast Disease caused by over pollution. Penniless, sick, jobless, delirious. Worse off than this stray dog. A bad situation managed to get much worse. I would soon find myself cleaning a hoarder's house with roaches floating on top of broken dreams and cat shit, then fleeing the house for a Walmart parking lot, getting kicked out of the parking lot, ending up on an alley, chewing leather for nourishment...then having the police again spread my legs on a patrol car in a public park...because I looked suspicious...and the heat breaking my spirit so I went to the Salvation Army and slept with fleas and roaches and bed bugs, showering with a man who had recently been released from prison. His crime was torture. "But I didn't know my buddies were going to kill him later..." he admitted as I passed him a single use pack of shampoo for his thinning blond hair. The movie that night was "War Horse".

Success seems to be defined by how ignorant you are of the classless undergrowth of society. There will always be the fringe undesirables, but we don't have to know they exist. Success is ignorance; so I was a failure. In a culture where modern convention has been scientifically proven to endanger life on earth, I'm doing my best to ignore the advice of everyone. Everything I learned in kindergarten WAS COMPLETE CRAP. Everything my parents taught me WAS COMPLETELY WRONG. It turns out the only people who know how to live WERE ALL EXTERMINATED BY LAND HUNGRY COLONISTS IN 1830. Humanity isn't in decline yet; we're in an ascendancy that definitely has to end in a cataclysmic burst, like a single bottle rocket soaring into the sky leaving behind a trail of sparks...what will happen? It explodes...and disintegrates. I ponder the big picture of the climate debate and like a starving man will kill and eat the last Panther on earth...or vice versa too will every drop of oil and gas be plumbed from the crust...because it will help someone live in that moment...and the future will be sacrificed for the moment...and that's the legacy of The West. Independence for America came with a declaration that nothing will deter our march toward global apocalypse...and the Ayn Rand propaganda will cloak our true intentions. The most wealth consolidated in the fewest the cost of the greatest number of defenseless victims. And such a society will be called America.

"Whatever, Oggy."

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