Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bass is Soul

5 year search is over

Try finding a bass guitar to test out when you're in the middle of the desert. I pity the settlers. I'm slowly recovering the essential instruments from my all time 2008 peak when I had more instruments than Daddy's Funky Music. The essentials include an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, an electric bass guitar, hand drums, harmonicas. This is an SR 750 Ibanez. I always pronounced it "EYE-ba-nez" but folks around here say, "ee-BAH-nyez" I still don't know the correct way since it's a Indonesia manufacturer and this is a "US only" bass. No matter...I own the instrument that Roger Waters plays and that's all that I care about. I'd make a video but my fender amp can doesn't do it justice. I can't tell you how many times I've seen audition requests for a bass guitarist and couldn't go because I had no bass. This job may kill me but I'll die with a bass in my hand.

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