Friday, August 2, 2013


Vespa Ciao front hub

There are several components to a front hub of a 1974 Vespa Ciao moped. I rolled mine through the small town and the cowboy hats all turned like in a movie where a hippie comes to town and shakes up the conservative attitude...except in my case the front hub wobbled like a thirsty Chihuahuan immigrant looking for work throwing watermelons for $11 a day.

There is a nose cap...and there are 10 bearing per side, and then there is a dust cap that presses on. Then there is a spacer and then a nut. The grease seems to evaporate. So this wobble causes me all kinds of stress adding to the TMJ syndrome that has me sipping beer-itas in the morning for sustenance.
All I want is to ride without fear of collapse.

In unrelated news I want to lobby to become a conventional wage slave as I imagine a plan where I live in Atlixco, MX for 8 months and for 4 months I program shortwave transceivers on the pipeline to environmental collapse. Please get in touch with me if you want to hire me for PLC programming, freewave radios, MDS radios, Raven radios, Viper radios, Roc107 flowboss, totalflow, tank stick programming, ethernet networks, solar panels. On the condition that I'm hired for actual projects in North America and not paid to sit around on my ass. Bonus for quick completion because I want to get back to Atlixco as soon as possible. I'll waive insurance, purely sub contracting at high dollar + per diem. Why waste your money on in-house I&E crew who soak up profits driving in futile circles? Outsource. I'll take care of everything. But I'm not made for this crazy life of working 12 months a year. hahaha. Only a complete asshole would do that. My goal is to work 4 months a year. TOPS. One month on. 3 months off. Until the heart gives out.

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