Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More Mouths To Feed

9 = Oggy's Lucky Number
Does anyone know how to care for 7 8 9 new born puppies living under a metal storage shed? This seems to be my fate in life to encounter as many wayward dogs in dangerous predicaments. I absolutely don't want dogs but if I take the male dog to have his nuts chopped off I'll have to go through a bunch of shit only to let it loose again. The others men ask me, "Aren't you happy? You get to have a puppy." and my face drops as all recognition of the present moment is eclipsed by memories of certain puppies in Santa Cruz who met the worst deaths possible one by one as Oggy was hobbled by idealistic rumors and helplessly watched the world devour their innocence. Maybe this time will be different...and maybe all the homeless people will unite and sing Christmas carols for charity.

Humble Beginnings

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