Sunday, October 13, 2013

Operation Puppy

A typhoon (10'' in two hours) rolled through south Texas and Oggy's puppies were ill-prepared. The rain fell and fell and the small island of safety I'd built for the puppies was soon only big enough for one puppy so they all piled on top of him like Yertle the Turtle. Then the rain really started to fall and I had no choice but to act on their behalf, being a cowardly hippie and a hypocrite and a rat, notwithstanding.

The rain soaked through my pitiful surf pants and the wind tore the umbrella out of my hand so I was soon on my knees in the rain trying to unlock a tongue lock on one of the company trailers because there was no where else to put the puppies...I almost put them all in my trailer but there was an electrical fire that has me a little paranoid that the whole thing is going to burn up. So I attached my truck to a trailer and made the rescue. Mama dog was no where to be found. She's got no attachment issues, doing her nursing duties no longer or more often than necessary.
They opened their eyes for the first time and my mug was what they saw. (They are sleeping on my work uniform)
I don't think the video will capture that pathetic condition I found the puppies in, ass deep in water two of them having given up hope.

This reminds me of a few nights I spent in the forest (near guess what city?) wrapped in a mattress cover hiding in the stump of an old Bay Tree, mice eating crumbs off my chest. Everything was fine until a redwood branch crashed through my roof and led to ten-fifteen hours in a condition like the puppies. You either die or soldier through. These puppies are survivors but I'm not trying to make their lives more miserable than they have to be...nor am I trying to give them false hope that all will be ok on a road of steak and bacon. The trailer is empty, they need a place to stay, the solution only required some motivation on my part.

Eventually the mama dog arrived and lay down to nurse the pups while I dried her off with shop rags. Then I ran back to my trailer as smoke began to pour out of the fuse panel...would the fire extinguisher work or not...?

On a side note, the new butyl tape and layer of silicone finally fixed the window leak on my van...but this rain fell so hard that it still soaked the rug through the doors. But it's progress...5 years of war with the flawed windows and I'm victorious. Recently, I've replaced the voltage regulator, the ignition coil, the alternator, the fuel pump, added a voltage gauge, fixed the window, added a screen door to the escape hatch, replaced my sun-baked spare tire, painted a Zia pueblo sun symbol on the spare tire cover, fixed two leaking rear tires. But I bought this van to do the work myself, to know what it is I'm driving...I'm not complaining...merely clarifying that a 44 year old van doesn't roll down the road by accident. Molecular inertia is trying to destroy the van and I'm the only thing that can keep it running.

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