Monday, November 4, 2013

Duct Tape Free By 2014

I really got tired of looking at the duct tape keeping the elements out of the 5 holes in the van. I'm not learning much new at work so why can't I learn how to make mistakes fixing body work?

Damage from Surfing in Pacific then wearing wetsuit in van.
Sand down to metal, or, in Oggy's case, until you get bored.

I don't understand how you are supposed to keep the resin from dripping down the side of the van like Ice Cream at Pierce Island onto the windows while it is still liquid.

Cut Fiberglass cloth approx to fit over holes. Then dip the cloth in the resin.
 I also don't understand why the resin turned into a kind of jello maybe 40 seconds after I was done mixing it so the end result was a slope of moguls like at Sunday River.

Smear extra resin and hardener over the fiberglass cloth
 This was a project best left to the professionals but then I remembered it had been a month since I spilled something insoluble on my fingers and got it in my eyes.

Since there was already a hole there I was going to put the chimney out the back but decided it would look even more strange.
Make a mess.
The worst part is that it isn't even done. This is only step one. Now I have to get Body Filler and patch over the patch.
One day it will get a Mexican paint job. I'm thinking of putting sheep fur rug as a dashboard cover.
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