Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Home Slice

Ricotta and Broccoli and garlic white pizza. The Oggy Special.
I suffered for three months with lock jaw...following 5 years of poverty and nullified family values, harmonic demons burning me at the stake, packing lobsters for one month with an infected foot so swollen I had to wear rubber boots. hunted, starving, one apple for breakfast...one cup of noodles for dinner...for three months...left over Salvation Army chicken, free bread at the soup kitchen for junkies. Times have changed...

Forgive my table manners because I was starving after five years of decay and self abuse.

Don't ask me how I ended up at a casino hotel in Louisiana.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like self pity. you made your bed so sleep in it. Really with the pity party.

Oggy Bleacher said...

I thought I made it clear that it's Self-Loathing.

Self pity was way back in 1992 watching the Barcelona Olympics in a Louisiana shoreline cement processing facility, waiting for the tanks on my offshore supply vessel to fill up...thinking I missed my chance to make a difference and be on T.V. and impress shallow cunts like you.

Now I've graduated to self loathing.

Anonymous said...

Wow you discovered manhood through a slice of pizza. Good for you. Good for you. Look how far you have come. The toilet is flushing before your eyes if you keep this attitude. Big shot!

Oggy Bleacher said...

I'm a big shot who is self pitying? Do you guys even read what you are writing?

Oggy Bleacher said...

Furthermore; I didn't "make my bed". That's the saying of an ignorant twat. A cunt. A Fuckwad who scratches lotto tickets to see his reflection in the dust. I've concluded the social paradigm is perverted...not because I shit my sheets...the sheets were dirty before I was born and the seeds of disease were installed long ago. They've grown through ignorance and apathy, casual shoulder shrugs, painful cowardice, fear, loathing, until in 2013 lies are truth and truth in on DVR hard drives in the garbage behind Goodwill. I've rejected the bed for 20 years as a moral obligation that finally ran out of allies...only scorn and false prayers...flabby bellies laughing with grotesque Ben & Jerry flatulence. Oggy dancing on his own grave, goofy dying clown, sandy eyelids and wounded pride...gone to rot, teeth falling out, back broken, for what, when cunts define lawless moral isolation?
I had more manhood dying on a lonely beach but that's defined by moral orphans as a waste...a waste...while Arkansas is sucked like a bitch's tit until dry of unpolluted water. And Oggy is waste? Oggy? Not Keystone? I see. People want change but not enough change to matter. So fuck it. The corrupt dimensions of foggy definitions. Go buy a fucking dictionary and shove it up your ass for all the good it will do you and your poisoned arena of forced indifference. "Sleep in my bed?" You fucking cliche. You tired and unsophisticated cunt with Facebook mantras. So fucking disgusting. Do you even type that shit or just cut and paste it from dusty clit licking on your preferred social media site? Grotesque, dumb, unoriginal, tasteless, generic cunt.

Oggy Bleacher said...

I hope that wasn't my mom making that original comment. Sorry mom ;)

est said...

i have read just that comment above
but i already like you 'oggy'

i often go blog surfing just hitting
the next link at the top of the page

seeing who's out there - who they be
and where their coming from [and going]

maybe i'll be back that
'road not taken' thing
if not, love to you
dear oggy, and hang in >
times can change in the most
beneficent of ways
in vt.

est said...

little something to chew on, oggy

i've been back a billion years
and up around the bend
i was there when it all began
and also at the end

i've been trying a million faces
till i find one that fits
i've been looking out through these eyes
to where eternity sits

and haven't i heard a thousand names
shooting through space my way
hasn't it been a hundred ages
not one of thems yet to say

i am beyond all your words
and all your eyes can see
no hand can reach no thought can touch
what i might really be

Oggy Bleacher said...

Don't judge me by my responses to bullying trolls, Esteban. While my resentment runs deep through the suicidal tug of war between my inner child and my outer warrior my chin often goes under water then courageous Green Mountain state socialist poets throw metaphoric life preservers to me. I should tell you that I'm involved in hydro-fracturing our beloved earth. I fuel the ovens. What would God say to me if he were the cashier at Taco Bell?

est said...

[can i take your order, please ?] ?

i like your style
you show no fear

didn't like their terms
and you're out a here

if you think you're lonely
think about how god feels

a banquet served daily
and we spit on our meals
'bout that fracking thing,
it don't change my mind

you are one interesting cat
few i've 'met', have your courage

much less your improvising skills
sorta reminds me of me in my youth

though i educated my own self
and skipped right to the travelin'

check out > les visible's blogs,
good writer maybe you'll get a kick


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Bravo! Esteban. keep feeding his ego.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree. You are trying to hard for Oggy's affection Esteban. Try playing hard to get with Oggy that always works. Wait a few weeks before you leave the Green Mountain state for Texas. When you arrive at the trailer door oggy will suck your cock immediately. Wink Wink

Oggy Bleacher said...

Isn't it obvious Esteban is an NSA operative?

These insults are still unenlightened and generic. Don't you have some teenage girls to bully into suicide? I mean, there are 7 billion people out there and you have to be assholes here?

est said...


Esteban said...

Looking back I was trying to hard and acting desperate. I still believe you are one interesting cat and very cute. I will still take you up on the sucking my cock offer though. Hope we can make that happen? The glass beads comment wasn't referring to the book you know. Let's really make this happen. xoxo Esteban

est said...

obviously you are unhappy anon.
perhaps you have mental health issues
how i earned your vulgar vitriol
simply by posting a comment or two
is beyond my simple comprehension

you seem to want to be included
in a conversation that doesn't concern you
by appropriating my name, you are
showing some rather serious transference issues

although i am not a mental health professional
i would suggest you reach out to someone, that can
help you, perhaps a little closer to home
you think you are mocking me, yet really, you are
opening a pus filled wound, for all to see.

your fixation on oral sex belies
an unrequited attraction to men
is this what you want to share ?
i will not judge you for being a homosexual,

just leave my name out of it, you fool

Anonymous said...

I want to punch you too, Est.....

2314 itinrei

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