Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hateful Pundits

If I had to sit next to someone smoking cigarettes while listening to this then that would be like when I was in the Merchant Marines. This is actually what the welders listen to in the morning and I want to bash my skull in on the high pressure separator. The best argument I have to prove these assholes are assholes is because they will proudly crow like roosters that America is becoming the next Cuba and all white people need to arm themselves etc etc and then in the same breath they will talk about the most irrelevant Miley Cyrus trivial gossip. I have the same reaction toward them as fundamental Christians...which is if it's that bad then why talk about anything else? Why go on a tour bus and listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd songs, why eat, why talk about football? AMERICA IS BEING INFILTRATED BY A COMMUNIST PRESIDENT. That sounds serious so maybe take it seriously and don't dilute your ignorant hate speech with topical trivia. Walton & Johnson, total assholes. I actually push the ear plugs HARD into my ears so that I don't have to listen to even one word of their ignorant drawling fucking cunt bullshit. They are hateful people and pure pundits inciting hate and diseased thinking. Arrogance compounded by ignorance.

I fantasize about calling them and telling them I am forced to listen to their bubbling vomit thoughts and that maybe they should hit the pause button on the spin doctor dildo they are spinning wildly around on and they must be sponsored by some kind of monster to spread poison like mayonnaise on the white bread of America. These are exactly the kind of cunts who croak like hoarse toads about the central American refugees swimming the river to reach America and steal money and health care and food stamps and jobs from "true Americans" while completely ignoring or selectively forgetting that from Kennedy to Johnson to Nixon to Ford to Carter to Reagan to Bush ALL willfully executed a withering attack on the economies of Honduras and Guatemala and undermined the sovereignty of Panama and Nicaragua and Chile and Argentina, ensuring a populace too broken to refuse to sew 60'' waist underwear destined for the fat man stores of American malls, blatantly seeking to overthrow agrarian-based administrations in favor of the purely exploitative hegemonic government that was thrown out of Cuba by Che and Castro...which turned out to be a minor victory in the defense of freedom in 40 years of total domination by the stars and stripes. And then when the chickens come home to roost and the economically savaged children of the families who were torn apart by CIA induced civil war ALL FLEE THEIR OWN SWEAT SHOP COUNTRIES you add insult to injury by calling them thieves for coming to America, the source of all their pain. Because I'm sure they are too dumb to realize that they are begging the lord of the castle for crumbs and they also need hicks with wide mouths calling them dirt. And the entire problem was caused by an ignorant and obese populace gorging on their own back fat steak fried chicken fried delusions of deceit...which is then denied..because we and not the Levites or Hebrews or Ishmaelites are the chosen people and can do anything we want to anyone and then complain when the imported Mexican cotton pickers plead for more pennies. So disgusting. But it's free speech, Y'all, so that's the good news. With talk radio like this who needs Al Queda?
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