Sunday, March 23, 2014


I should've made the bend go up and not out.

I finished the brakes with Milk Cow's help. Really a pain in the ass doing this work from afar. I'm sick of the whole bullshit in the oil field. Trying to find work in New Mexico on solar farms....or maybe take a guitar class...or go south. I've got options now and the least attractive is sun stroke in Pecos. Bullshit job and the money isn't good and the hours are breaking my back. fuck all this. the van is running and I'm really done with it all. You want gas for your car then you can come slave in the 115 degree weather and then whine like bitches about foreign oil you fucking hypocrites. Sure, send the southerners whom you talk shit about as ignorant and dumb and racist, send all of them to plumb the depths of the earth in intolerable climates so your northern cities will hum along smoothly. disgusting Yankee motherfuckers who never get your fucking hands dirty. don't know the difference between fracking and fucking. Texas oil might as well be from Kuwait for all you've done to obtain it. All Americans should be required by law to work in the oil fields like mandatory Greek and Italian and Israeli military service. And also work at Walmart so you can get a good taste of modern day sharecropping. that would shut the mouths of elite fuckwads nice and tight. 50% of you would perish like worthless motherfuckers in this heat but I've done my two years in the oil field and y'all can fuck off and ride bicycles if your fat ass can sit on the seat.
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