Friday, May 9, 2014

Good, Bad & Ugly

 It took me a long time to get on the river but I feel it's a good fit. No smoking, no people. I wrote a song, "Let me die in New Orleans, so they will play a blues song when I'm gone." Even my depression was uplifted by the red rocks carved by an uncaring river. I didn't capsize but I did get wet.
 Somewhere in that picture is something called "El Pique" or The peak. I guess I'm illegally and technically in Mexico at this point where soda has no corn syrup, but I felt more like a water moccasin snake or black bear who doesn't recognize international borders. Really silly and tiresome political posturing that makes me sick. Let's spend a billion dollars protecting a tiny stretch of Chihuahuan desert from people trying to import drugs that Americans are consuming like gum. LET'S ALL BLAME MEXICANS BECAUSE OUR TOOTH PASTE ISN'T FILLED WITH COCAINE!

People really wonder why I walk with a limp. If you had a foot like mine you'd be luck to walk at all. 3 of 5 toes do not work. All five are bent like a lawyer's ethics. Now the leg looks like gangrene has set in. 50 spf sunscreen worked as well as a used Mexican tire.

The Van doesn't float so I used a canoe

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