Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oggy Reflects Humbly

I figured my recent screed would get some vile responses and that's what happened. Actually, I'd be disappointing if no one was offended. I got what I asked for and I don't feel good about it. Not one person said, "You are right, Oggy, we've been lied to and we've lied to ourselves and now it's time to make amends."
It was more like, "You are the hypocritical cunt, Oggy! You suck ass! I will slash the tires on your van if I see it parked outside my house. You piss in a milk jug so who are you to talk?"
"I don't see you housing any illegal immigrants in your pervert/creeper van, you piece of shit."
"Fuck you, Oggy! You'll reap what you sow when I put my foot in your ass."
"Coward and hypocrite. Go back to Honduras you greasy motherfucker and take some Guatemalans with you."
 "I'm fat and watching baseball and drinking a gin and tonic and I think you are a total asshole."

Ok, you get the idea. I would apologize but I really don't feel sorry. I feel superior to everyone because I am superior. I can out philosophize you and out fight you and out write you. I can stand on my head and shoot marbles out my ass to the moon if that will please me. And I'm not sorry for pointing out the incredible stupidity of my fellow man. Yes, I know what's wrong and I will repeatedly demonstrate my disdain for humanity all while living in a van and pissing in milk jugs and showering naked in the desert and shitting in shallow holes. It's insanity! I know! But these are fucked up times. Do you really want to go to the grave knowing that Richard Nixon set a precedent and you followed it? REALLY? The guy was a fucking narcissistic monster. He was bombing two countries at once, lying to America, spying, making affordable health care impossible, destroying lives with a drug war that only recently was determined to be a horrible idea, and finger fucking Chairman Mao at the same time. NOTHING HE DID WAS RIGHT. So, I reason, to counteract all the evil done by Nixon we must open our borders completely, transfer all the wealth of the Republican party to a new State known as West Texas, where Honduran refugees will be welcomed to air conditioned luxury funded by legal heroin and enjoy socialized medicine. Why? Because that's the exact opposite to what Nixon would want.

I'm sorry you are too dumb to realize that. So we will continue to reap the shit storm.
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