Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wrenching on Van: Part 411

Take it from Oggy, don't change the Ujoints unless they sound like banshees from Hell.

The opportunities to get dirty under the van never end. Someone pointed out that the drive shaft was misaligned by one tooth. that must've happened when I rebuilt the transmission. So I took it apart to fix that and though the u-joints were not bad nor sounding bad but I had new ones and decided to replace them as part of preventative maintenance. In hindsight, this was crazy because it's an easy job that is never easy and furthermore, bad u-joints are easier to replace than good ones, and one of my mottos has been to not touch things that aren't broken. The bearing caps were solidly in place and took aggressive beating to dislodge them. That beating in turn tweaked the iron yoke so the new ones were not seating perfectly. Basically, the old ones were better left alone. And it's a job that requires a big big vise or a ball joint/ujoint tool to remove them. Otherwise, it's a frustration apocalypse. I've developed a theory that as soon as I either go to the dentist, have an argument with a girlfriend, or work on my van then any magic that was in that location is removed forever. It becomes merely another place on earth where plastic dentic things clog the storm drains.

Was going to put a spacer on the carb, but one is already there.
The van has a hard time starting when it's hot probably due to ethanol volatility messing the fuel mixture up of the fuel in the chamber, basically boiling it too rich as the heat dissipates from the block.  The solution is to put a spacer on but a spacer is already there. So there's nothing to be done. All is in place to push and find somewhere new and magical where I have not gone to the dentist.
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